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Below are just some of the video's that the Clear Company have produced or support. We hope that you find them informative and supportive.

Just click on the images to watch the videos...

5 Steps to Disability Confidence


This video was published in 2015 in partnership with the RIDI Awards. Nearly 7 million people of working age in the UK have a disability but the employment rate for disabled people lags well behind non-disabled people. Only 46% of working age disabled people are in employment compared to 76% of working age non-disabled people – representing a gap of around two million. The Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative (RIDI) believes more needs to be done to build disability confidence into our recruitment and employment strategies. This 5 step plan shows you how your can make a difference one step at a time, using the power of collaboration with your partners.





Introducing Act 1 - The Case for Inclusive Recruitment


This video is the first installment of four videos introducing our Clear Experts and taking you through the recruitment process from start to finish.




BT Discrimination Video

BT: The Big 'D'

Attendees of BT’s Ready, Willing and Disabled conference last December (2012) were will remember watching ‘The Big D’ video we created to challenge perceptions of disability in the run up to London 2012. This video has now been released for everyone to enjoy and learn from.


ClearKit: IntroductionClear Kit: An Introduction

An Introduction To Clear Kit and Clear Assured - Improve disability confidence and competence, get advice on recruitment, support compliance with Equality Act 2010, support legal compliance, reduce costs...




ClearNews: Dyslexia Association, SupportClear News Recommends: The Dyslexia Association, 'Support'

The Dyslexia Association in Nottingham, interviews some of the dyslexic adults, parents, employers and unions it has supported.




ClearNews: Changing Faces, Leo VideoClear News Recommends: Changing Faces, 'Leo'

A recommended video: From Changing Faces this is an inspiring video set to challenge your preconceptions.





ClearNews: Mind Mental Health Awareness FeatureClear News: Mind, Mental Health Awareness (Feature)

Clear News - Mind, The Facts - Full Feature showcasing the relationship between The Clear Company and Mind the mental health charity.

"Mental health in the workplace is the elephant in the room"



ClearNews: Social MediaClearNews: Social Media Introduction

A video to promote Clear Kit and The Clear Company Ltd on social media.

"Find ClearKit on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more"




ClearNews: Mind Mental Health AwarenessClear News: Mind, Mental Health Awareness (Intro)

The Clear Company and Clear Kit are fully supporting Mind in their latest campaign to raise awareness about mental health in the workplace.