What's included when you upgrade your Clear Kit Subscription

Clear Assured practitioners and subscribers to the Clear Kit Resource Centre have access to everything listed below. The services provide you with everything you need to develop the knowledge, confidence and competence you need to provide disabled candidates with a barrier free recruitment experience.

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assessment program
Clear Assured
An online self-assessment process which forms the framework for the development of both knowledge and competence around disability and recruitment.
Requires 12 month commitment to the Clear Assured assessment programme
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Clear Assured Organisations
The directory only features organisations going through the continuous assessment of the Clear Assured programme and shows a commitment on behalf of those organisations to provide disabled people with a barrier free recruitment experience.
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Clear Expertise
Online advice. Ask a question of our experts. We have specialists in employment law, recruitment, reasonable adjustments, assisted technology, employee networks, disability matters, alternative assessment and many more...
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Useful Documentation
As you reach the point at which you need help you can utilise the documents we have here in the useful document centre. Download these and utilise them in your own recruitment policies and processes.
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Shared Experience
Hear from experts and thought leaders on the most recent issues and contribute to the debate yourself. Or, simply share your experience with other employers and learn how they are facing the same challenges you do.
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Research & Knowledge
Statistics and data can help you in many ways, from setting your business case to understanding the broader issues. In the Research and Knowledge centre you have access to a host of information to help develop confidence and competence.
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