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Have you thought about hidden disability?


Fewer than 8% of people with disabilities use a wheelchair, have you thought about hidden disability?

It is not unusual for candidates with a hidden disability, such as diabetes or a mental health concern, not to have declared it during the recruitment process. When offering a job, give every candidate another opportunity to discuss any adjustments they require, explaining why you want to know and how you will use the information. Being transparent and open about company policy will encourage them to disclose the information.

Top tips:

  • Remember, just because you have made an offer does not mean that the disabled job seeker is going to accept it.  Take the time to discuss any reasonable adjustments, motivations and concerns to provide confidence and support.
  • Start getting adjustments in place as soon as possible after you have made an appointment as it may take some time. Consult with the individual and make sure that the employee’s manager or supervisor understands the agreed adjustments.

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