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Disability Confidence: Reasonable Adjustments & Solutions


Is your organisation disability confident in recruitment?


The law states (Equality Act 2010) that an employer must take steps which are ‘reasonable’ to avoid placing a disabled employee or applicant at a disadvantage compared to a non-disabled employee or applicant.

Clear Talents LogoReasonable adjustments can be required at every stage, from job design to making an offer, through to the retention of existing employees.


The challenges many employers now face are:


  • How do we encourage people to tell us about their disability or other protected characteristics?
  • What do we do when people tell us about something we know little about?
  • How do we control the provision of reasonable adjustments through our talent supply chain?
  • Who pays for reasonable adjustments in the recruitment process?
  • What happens if we don’t ask candidates about reasonable adjustments?
  • How do we implement reasonable adjustments in a volume recruitment process?
  • What happens if the candidates we ask don’t tell us about their condition or circumstances?


Your selection processes need to be objective, transparent and without bias. They also need to be capable of responding to changes requested by applicants who may require a ‘reasonable adjustment’ to allow them to demonstrate their skills and capabilities for a particular vacancy and, indeed, perform the role.



Clear Talents™ has been built to solve all of these challenges. Clear Talents™ In Recruitment makes the provision of reasonable adjustments easy. Everyone involved in any recruitment process will be equipped with all of the information they need, when they need it, including front of house, Occupational Health and all other stakeholders.


  • The system is a supportive environment targeted at all candidates at every stage of the recruitment process
  • Candidates have their own profile and recruiters are informed of the specific adjustments they need to make at each stage of the recruitment process
  • ALL stakeholders, internal and external, have access to reasonable adjustments guidance for each individual candidate
  • In almost all cases the adjustment costs nothing
  • Not asking is no defence, Clear Talents™ gives employers a clear audit trail of the offer of reasonable adjustments to all candidates
  • Every candidate requiring adjustments has a recruiter report available online with full implementation guidance and essential confidence building top tips
  • If the candidate doesn’t tell you about themselves with Clear Talents™ in place, there’s a full audit trail detailing the fact they’ve been asked at every stage


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Further information within Clear Kit:


Use the checklists in the full section of the website - Login Here -  to better understand your legal obligations to provide reasonable adjustments, where to go for help and how to implement best practice. You will find that many candidates are familiar with what’s available and will make specific requests — provided you give them the opportunity to do so. If you need to take advice then call your local Jobcentre Plus or click below for more information on the Government’s Access to Work scheme.


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In the section Retaining employees, there is further guidance on making reasonable adjustments for recruited employees.


Click here to download a sample document about Alternative Formatting - Large Print